When visiting these buildings for the first time, best practice is to be accompanied by a Realtor.  If not, you will be asked by the building’s sales department to sign a documents waiving your right to representation before they allow you to see the building. If you wish to have someone represent you during the purchasing process, please feel free to contact us to schedule your tour.

When buying a home in one of the new developments in Austin, the possibilities are never-ending. Austin has hundreds of new units on the market at any given time and each development has its different amenities and lifestyles. To make educated decisions, I can provide you with the most updated information on all developments in the city. As your Realtor® specializing in new developments,  I provide you with useful information specific to Austin's market and negotiate on your behalf.  Plus, I know the right set of questions to ask a developer throughout the whole process from floor plans to financing.